Our People
Our Company prides itself as being an aggressive and experienced Team. We strive to employ
and develop the best people through training, coaching, motivating, and giving them every opportunity to excel. We believe the experience and extensive service of the Bar-S Team brings a level of stability and expertise to Bar-S Foods that gives us a direct competitive advantage.

Our Mission
We will make Bar-S Foods the Premier Company in the packaged food industry.
Premier in the eyes of our Customers, Suppliers, and Teammates.

Our Pledge
We will provide Real Value to the marketplace by delivering high quality products and services at the lowest possible cost.

Our Commitments
  • I am a team player with a positive attitude.

  • I treat others with dignity and respect.

  • I am honest and reliable.

  • I keep myself mentally and physically fit.

  • I take pride in my work and my Company.

  • I do my job right the first time, every time.

  • I work safely and report unsafe conditions.

  • I practice cleanliness and good housekeeping.

  • I believe in Quality First, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement.

  • I make Total Customer Satisfaction my number one priority.

Our Teamwork
Several company programs are in place to reinforce and strengthen culture.
  • Winner's Circle recognizes and rewards superior performance.

  • Quality First and the Team Process drive continuous improvement in every aspect of our business and encourage employee involvement and problem solving.

  • Fit To Win promotes physical fitness, general good health, and wellness.

  • Team Safety stresses good safety habits and the elimination of hazards.

Our Principles
  • Delight our customers. We improve our customers' daily lives by creating and serving their favorite foods.

  • Innovate together. We constantly explore and learn to generate new opportunities for value creation.

  • Deliver with integrity. We deliver results ethically and with outstanding execution.

  • Lead to inspire. We lead by example, inspiring and motivating others to maximize their potential.

  • Foster wellbeing. We promote a better life quality by taking care of our people and our communities.